Community Development

Here at Economic Partners, it’s not just about the money.

We’re continuously involved with meaningful projects that grow our local economies.

Think of us as an active catalyst that helps to create positive economic impacts for our communities and improves our quality of life.


Economic Partners works closely with private and public sector partners in the community to assess the local problems and to look at new ideas and opportunities that could strengthen the economy. In consideration of the unique circumstances of the local area, they plan and help implement development strategies that are designed to build brighter futures for the communities they serve.


Community Economic Development (CED) is an overall approach to development whereby communities themselves take charge of their own economic futures and chart the course they will follow to make that future what they want it to be.


Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning is a continuous and systematic process where the various interests of a community come together to make decisions about intended future outcomes, how the outcomes are to be accomplished, and how their success is measured.
  • Decisions, where possible, are made by consensus.
  • Economic social, cultural, environmental and other factors important to the community are considered.
  • The strategic plan unites the various stakeholders in the community toward a common purpose. People and other resources are then identified and mobilized.


The community strategic plan is the map for the work of a CFDC and its partners.

A strategic plan includes these basic elements:

  • Mission statement, goals and values
  • Assessment of needs
  • High priority objectives
  • Strategies for achieving results
  • Frames for completing the work
  • Who will do each task?
  • How will the outcomes be measured?

Strategic planning tools include:

  • Community profiles
  • Labour market information
  • Business and other databases
  • Economic data
  • Community networks and organizations
  • Citizen participation


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