2022 Royal Winter Fair Vendor Profiles:

Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm and Winery:

Contact: Trevor Laing

26 Hillcrest Ave

Wawa, ON

District: Algoma



Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm and Winery is a 640-acre family farm located three kilometres from downtown Wawa. Owners Trevor and Tracy Laing use an old tree nursery located on their property as a processing and distribution base for their wild blueberries and associated products.

In 2011, the Laings sold both fresh and frozen berries, and then entered the value-added market in 2013 selling jam, barbecue sauce, and syrup. All products are 100% natural, with no artificial colour or preservatives. Algoma Highlands’ plans are to expand its markets, add a small winery, and introduce honey products, which are a pollination by-product.

The Laings will also be offering Wild Blueberry Moose Radish and Wild Blueberry Sugar-Free Jam.


Contact: Kristi MacDonald

3-110 North Kinton Ave.

Huntsville, ON P1H 1B8

District: Muskoka



BeeBAGZ is a small company whose mission is to create products that have a positive impact on their users and the environment. The product that will be featured at the Northern Ontario Pavillion is BeeBAGZ, a waterproof, self-sealing, reusable storage bag made from 100% cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and resin. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, they can last for at least a year and their use could potentially eliminate thousands of single-use plastic bags from ending up in landfills and waterways.

Boreal Berry Farm:

Contact: Greg Melien

748 Little Brule Road

Warren, ON P0H 2N0

District: Sudbury



Boreal Berry Farm – Bringing you healthy convenience in delicious ways!

We are a Canadian Family farm providing organic homegrown goodness from our family to yours!

Our good for you, good for the Earth foods are farm crafted for mindful wellness. With a large range of fruits, blends, smoothies, lassis, desserts, snacks and sides, our variety of healthy delicious, freshly frozen fruits and berries are sure to delight with both function and flavour!

Bucky’s BBQ Blend:

Contact: Dan Larocque

7 Brentwood Crt

District: Sudbury



Our spices are Ontario made and locally sold. We offer four spice blends that are all sugar free and all natural. Our spice blends are delicious on all meat, seafood, veggies, dips, french fries, and even popcorn!

Croxall Foods Inc (Croxall Farms):

Contact: Todd Croxall

451 Golf Course Rd.

Huntsville, ON, P1H 1N8

District: Muskoka



We are a controlled environment farming company harvesting and producing three products: plants, fish, and fertilizer. For the show, we will focus on the fertilizer and the way we grow our plants through our technology named “plant pillars.”

Dream Acres Alpacas:

Contact: Jo-Anne Burton

5590 Hwy 10/W

Matheson, ON, P0K 1N0

District: Cochrane



The Burtons purchased their farm near Timmins, where they raise alpacas, after years of travelling and working around the globe. They are a small family run farm and have now added their niece Danielle to help out on the farm and provide marketing expertise. They participate in fall fairs and offer farm tours and body and soul alpaca walks. They will soon be adding an Airbnb experience where you wake up to see alpacas grazing in your front lawn. Focused solely on the production of 100 percent Canadian made quality alpaca products, they sell their goods in their on farm boutique.

The farm offers handwoven, handknitted, hand crocheted, felted alpaca products which include hats, scarves, shawls, rugs, throws, slippers, long johns, and layering tops. They also sell Canadian factory made socks and mittens which are hand finished on the farm.

Dream Acres sells to markets in Cochrane, Iroquois Falls, Matheson, Chapleau, Timmins, Temiskaming Shores, and Kirkland Lake as well as some wholesale customers all over Southern Ontario. Dream Acres has an online store and ships throughout Canada.

Finnia Chocolate:

Contact: Lisabeth Flanagan

31 Water St.

Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0

District: Manitoulin



Finnia is an award-winning bean-to-bar, craft chocolate maker on Manitoulin Island. We are the first and only bean-to-bar makers in Northern Ontario. We hand-sort, roast, crack, winnow and grind single origin cocoa beans into exceptionally smooth chocolate. All our ingredients are natural, organic where possible, and personally selected from different cacao growing regions around the world.

Gee-Dah’s Inspirations/Shawana Crafts:

Contact: Joni Shawana

157 Willow Street

Wikwemikong ON P0P 2J0

District: Manitoulin



Gee-Dah’s Inspirations is a small family food business who circulate the “Pow-Wow Trail” through various First Nation communities on Manitoulin Island and the North Shore. The owners continue to be inspired and guided by the original founders of the family business, their late, loving great grandmother, Marie Roy, and their mother, Rebecca Trudeau. Gee-Dah’s Inspirations prepares, cooks, and serves traditional and non-traditional native cuisine, such as corn soup, fried bread, tacos, chili, and oven-baked fish pie. They are a long-time favourite vendor at Wikwemikong’s Annual Cultural Festival. They will be featuring a traditional food demo at the Royal Winter Fair.

Shawana Crafts is a collective of families’ and communities’ handmade authentic Native crafts from Wikwemikong First Nation. Shawana Crafts will showcase a wide selection of crafts made of porcupine quill, birch bark, hide, fish scales, and cedar woodwork.

Golden Treasure Maple:

Contact: Harry Kessels

250 Lingenfelters Rd

Trout Creek, ON P0H 2L0

District: Parry Sound



Golden Treasure Maple Syrup Products is a 19,000-tap maple syrup operation in Trout Creek, in the heart of Northern Ontario, 30 km west of Algonquin Park, covering over 200 hectares of forest. Maple sap is collected through pump stations from where it is transferred to the sugar shack via underground pipelines for processing through a reverse osmosis system. The concentrate is boiled down to syrup using a stainless-steel evaporator. We produce every grade: Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. We use high-quality equipment and quality controls throughout the process, resulting in rich flavour. Golden Treasure Maple Syrup is organically certified through ECOCERT.

Grand North Bison:

Contact: John Karhi

3064 Government Rd.,

Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0

District: Algoma



Grand North Bison is a family-run, grass-fed bison farm located in the Algoma region. Owned and operated by John and Amy Karhi, they pride themselves on their “pasture to plate” process. They offer their lean Grand North Bison meat products in a variety of cuts including roasts, steaks, stew, and patties, ready for the oven or grill.


Contact: Grant Lauzon

29 Berkwood Place

Fonthill, ON

District: Nipissing



Greenfoot markets chaga, a medicinal mushroom harvested in Canada’s northern forests. Through its relationship with members of the research community, Greenfoot has developed a chaga extract, an antioxidant believed to cure stomach and skin problems, and contribute to a long and robust life. This year, Greenfoot will continue to market its Raspberry-Sumac Tea.

Hogan’s Homestead:

Contact: Erica Hogan

536 Second Line West

Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6C 2K6

District: Algoma



Hogan’s Homestead is a 30,000 tap Maple Syrup Operation in Goulais River, Ontario – Serving the Algoma Region. The company started with a husband and wife and is the first generation of the family to start producing maple syrup for the Hogan Family, which started back in 2017 as a hobby, and quickly turned into a striving company.

Being more than just maple syrup, some favourite products among maple lovers would be the infused syrup lines!

Jack Pop’s Kettle Corn:

Contact: Jack Hamlyn

1200 Lake Joseph Road,

Seguin, ON P2A 2W8

District: Parry Sound



Jack Hamlyn and his family from Parry Sound are returning to the Royal Winter Fair, with more flavours of kettle corn for visitors to sample. Jack Pop’s Kettle Corn is made by hand, using certified organic cane sugar, sea salt, canola oil, and mushroom corn in large open kettles. This year, Jack Pop’s Kettle Corn will also be showcasing funnel cakes and fingers.

Lady Cobraa’s Hot Sauce:

Contact: Heather Dewey

579 Houle Road

Noelville, ON P0M 2N0

District: Sudbury



Hot sauce has always been an interest of ours. We started growing hot peppers in 2014. After making a couple of sauces for family and friends the word got out. Our passion for unique specialty sauces became our life.

We made a promise that we would only use fresh ingredients with nothing artificial, period! All natural is our way, we think that choice is reflected in the quality of the end product. We have a current line-up of 9, with 1 more planned before November for the Fair.

Love North:

Contact: Ashley Love

91 Spencer St

Bracebridge, ON P1L 1C4

District: Muskoka



We ethically wild-harvest an array of botanicals and evergreens, and using the ancient alchemical process of distillation, we create distillations, which come out in the form of hydrosols (water soluble extraction of plant) and essential oils (oil soluble extraction of the plants). We use these raw materials to create our line of aromatherapy, skincare and body care products. All of our products are naturally sustainable as a result of creating our distillations and plant extracts directly from our local forests in Muskoka, Parry Sound.

Manitoulin Botanicals:

Contact: Sara-Lyn Taylor Arnot

20556 Hwy 540,

Silver Water, ON P0P 1Y0

District: Manitoulin



Manitoulin Botanicals produces food, herbal and body products made from wild plants and herbs gathered on two organic 100-acre lots while respecting the environment and the plants. All products are 100% natural, with no added artificial colour or preservatives. Be sure to check out the spruce tip sugar, salt and vinegar, wild strawberry jam, and wild acorn flour.

Max’s K9 Kitchen:

Contact: Steve Kneller

7 Riverview Avenue,

Greater Sudbury, ON

District: Sudbury



Max’s K 9 Kitchen is a full service MFG of Sous Vide prepared frozen meals for dogs and cats. As well, we make a wide variety of 1 ingredient dehydrated jerky’s or treats.

We are an alternative to kibble, canned and raw food. We attempt to eliminate pathogens in our process. In that we gently cook, pasteurize and blast freeze our meals. We seek only the best nutrition in our products. With a wide variety of locally made, grass fed meats, vegetables and fruits obtained from local farmers.

For over four and a half years, we have maintained 4.8-5 stars on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Our goal is to open up expansion first in North then Southern Ontario. With the impetus of making healthier animals while at the same time creating new jobs!

Meadowview Alpaca Farm:

Contact: Terri and Patrick Veerman

908 Carter Side Rd.,

Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0

District: Algoma



Meadowview Alpaca Farm is one of the largest Alpaca Farms in Northern Ontario, currently home to just under 100 alpacas. We shear our animals once a year and work with local artisans to help bring our final products to the shelves. These local artisans and members of our Mennonite Community use the age-old practices of knitting, felting, and weaving. Some knit hats, mitts, shawls, scarves, and more, some from yarns that are hand dyed here on the farm. Others prefer to needle felt scarves, shawls, artistic rugs, or other home décor items, using our FeltLoom. Most of these are ‘one of a kind’ products. We also have some fibre processed into socks, while still more is handmade into duvets and pillows, all representing a wide selection of farm-based products.

Meet the Alternative:

Contact: Allison McLellan

378 Hazelwood Drive,

Thunder Bay, ON P7G 1Y4

District: Thunder Bay



Meet the Alternative is a small, home-based business which makes a variety of vegan ‘meats’ and ‘cheese’. Our company creates in small batches to have the freshest product to provide to customers. There are 5 flavours of ‘deli meats’ and 8 flavours of ‘cheese’. We sell our product to local grocery stores and restaurants.

Mountain Maple Products:

Contact: Don Manchur

1518 P.Line

Hilton Beach, ON

District: Algoma



Mountain Maple Products is situated on scenic St. Joseph Island; we are one of approximately 30 island syrup producers. St. Joseph Island’s pure maple syrup is well known throughout North American’s maple industry for its flavour and modern production techniques. Our C.F.I.A. inspected operation has been in production for over 55 years on 130 acres. A full range of pure maple syrup, butter, candy, sugar, BBQ sauce and salsa can be found in 22 outlets, farmers markets, country fairs and by farm gate from Toronto to Thunder Bay. Our maple products have been sold as gifts to 26 different countries around the world. We are a recognized good standing member of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMPSA) and can be found on Facebook and our website! A taste of nature is always a healthy choice! www.mountainmapleproducts.ca don.mountainmaple@gmail.com

Muskoka Granola:

Contact: Heather Glumac

304-25 Alexandra Street

Bracebridge, ON

District: Muskoka



June 2021 I was making changes to my diet and could not find a granola or cereal that wasn’t packed full of refined sugar and preservatives, so I set about to make my own. It was so good I decided to sell it and joined the Huntsville Farmers Market August 1st of 2021. It went so well I quit my job the next day. The response has been incredible.

This summer I have two employees, and we are participating in 6 summer Farmer’s Markets as well as supplying our online store and 20 retailers. I would like to expand and sell to chain stores like Whole Foods or Farm Boy, but we are currently renting our commercial kitchen and it is only available two days a week. This is a story of upwards financial mobility! I am a single woman living in an apartment so it’s not like I can renovate my home to include a brand new kitchen. In the fall I will be looking for a more permanent kitchen solution with grants or loans.

Muskoka Granola is all homemade in Bracebridge, and sweetened with only Grade A maple syrup and does not contain preservatives or any refined sugar.

Muskoka Mornings – Beauty Comes Naturally Corp

Contact: Kerry Foreman

77 Tamarack Trail

Bracebridge, ON P1L 1Z1

District: Muskoka



Created and owned by Kerry Foreman, who has a background in health services, Muskoka Mornings offers two unique health products: No Yolking and Dandi Maca Latte.

The main ingredient of No Yolking is simply egg whites which are sprayed with citric acid and baker’s yeast in the drying process. The No Yolking egg powder can be used in smoothies, zucchini pancakes, and for baking.

Dandi Maca Latte is a coffee substitute made of several roots, spices, cacao powder, and a fruit sweetener that doesn’t affect glucose levels.

Narrow Gate Foods:

Contact: Keith Baxter

4497 Oliver Rd, PO Box 6

Murillo, ON P0T 2G0

District: Thunder Bay



Narrow Gate Foods was founded in 2018 by Nadia Kukkee and her sister-in-law, Amy Kukkee after creating and perfecting the fermenting process as a hobby. They wanted to share their creations with the wider population, and provide locally made, fermented food options.

Narrow Gate has built a presence within the local artisan and country markets, as well as relationships with a variety of local retailers and restaurants over the past 4 years. In 2022, we have set our sights firmly on growing into the rest of Ontario, with future growth targeting the rest of Canada.

Nickel City Cheese:

Contact: Nicole Paquin

3888 Regional Rd 15

District: Sudbury



Nickel City Cheese is a family run business operating in Chelmsford, Ontario. Nicole Paquin, the sole proprietor, dreamt of opening a cheese factory in the Greater Sudbury area for years. She and her son decided 8 years ago that their family would make that dream a reality.

Founded in 2018, Nickel City Cheese produces cow’s milk cheddar cheese. When you visit the factory, you can purchase fresh curds still warm from the vat! What makes Nickel City Cheese unique? For starters, you’ll find 13 exceptional flavours you won’t find anywhere else! When you support this business, you are also supporting 14 farmers local to the area. Nickel City Cheese aims to provide the Greater Sudbury area with the best cheddar products around.

NISH Scon:

Contact: Pam Naponse-Corbiere

405 Felix Cres

Naughton, ON

District: Sudbury



Pam Naponse-Corbiere produces and sells a packaged bannock and scon mix – not to be confused with American or British scones – which she calls Nish Scon. From Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation, Pam says this biscuit-like product (which can be baked or fried) is a key part of Anishinaabe cooking in Canada.

As it can take a lot of time and practice to prepare traditional scons from scratch, Pam says her product can enable those people who do not have extensive experience to produce an authentic, high quality scon. Pam is looking forward to introducing her product and sharing her culture with visitors to the Royal Winter Fair this year.

Northern Ontario Brewers Alliance:

Contact: Dwayne Wanner

19 Howard St.

South River, ON P0A 1X0

District: Parry Sound

705-792-0808; cell: 905-520-8928


Brewers Alliance is a collection of five Northern Ontario craft brewers who share a common vision of high quality beer, collaboration and support of Northern communities, and have come together to offer something unique across the province.

Five hand-picked, hand-crafted Northern Ontario beers from five different brewers will be featured. Northern Brewers include Copperhead Distillery, Underground Brewery, Whiskey Jack Brewery, Norse Brewery, and South River Brewing Company.

Northern Select Mushrooms

Contact: Amy & Gerry Oriet

965420 McCool Rd

Thornloe, ON P0J 1S0

District: Timiskaming



At Northern Select Mushrooms, we grow organic shiitake mushrooms. We created a dry rub product for a food topping spice and we supply local grocers, restaurants, meat shops and farmers markets.

Nurtural Bitless Bridles by Circle-X:

Contact: Sherri Raguth

5250 Hwy 63

North Bay, ON P1B 8G4

District: Nipissing



Nurtural Bitless Bridles by Circle-X will be at the Royal for the 17th year in a row in 2022. The Nurtural was developed and patented by Zoe Brooks and Gerry Guy at their farm in Northern Ontario in 2005. The Nurtural Bitless Bridle can help make a horse happier and perform better. All over the world, whether people ride, drive, train or teach – they are discovering that horses do better in this bitless bridle! The secret is the Circle-X, the texture noseband and solid poll, creating a bridle that needs no metal in the mouth to communicate with the horse.

Old Mill Mapleworks:

Contact: Ray Ferguson

33 Kensington Rd. Box 232

Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0

District: Algoma



Old Mill Mapleworks has persevered through the COVID-19 period and emerged successfully with its superior tasting maple syrup and value-added products. Our maple syrup continues to be a staple in a vast number of households locally and abroad. The “original” maple sap vinegar continues its success as an alternate vinegar. Pure maple butter, maple jelly, maple mint sauce, maple sugar, and maple sugar candies round out our product line.

Outdoor Flavours

Contact: Pat Dubreuil

Hanmer, ON

District: Sudbury



Outdoor Flavours is one of Bait2Go’s many popular products. The Bait2Go team is made up of a quattro of personalities who have come together to make fishing more fun and enjoyable.

The six succulent Outdoor Flavours batters were developed by the fourth Bait2Go partner, Stewart, a Red Seal certified chef, and are shared with the world. Three of the original six are now available as gluten free options as well!

Purvis Fisheries:

Contact: Leigh Major

Box 82

Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0

District: Manitoulin


leighingorebay@gmail.com or purvisfisheries@gmail.com

Since the late 1800s, Purvis Fisheries has been synonymous with fresh fish caught and processed from Lake Huron and the Northern Channel. Varieties of fresh and smoked fish products including trout, whitefish, and sturgeon, as well as smoked fish dip and caviar will be sold at the Purvis exhibit during the Royal Winter Fair.

Rheault Distillery:

Contact: Mireille Morin

6 Hwy 583 N, PR 2

Hearst, ON P0L 1N0

District: Cochrane



Rheault Distillery is a craft distillery located in Hearst, Ontario. The company uses as many local products and ingredients as possible in the production of its spirit to showcase the region and promote value-added agriculture.

Working closely with the LCBO, Rheault Distillery is producing and marketing a variety of spirits including vodka, different whiskeys, and fruit-based liqueurs. Its Loon brand vodka is available in more than 125 LCBO stores, and has won several prestigious awards in the past several years at international competitions.

Stanley Hill Bison:

Contact: Ashley and Timothy Janssens

4326 Hwy 11/17

Kakabeka Falls, ON P7K 0H8

District: Thunder Bay



Stanley Hill Bison is a small family run farm owned and operated by Tim and Ashley Janssens and their four children. Their farm consists of approximately 50 bison located near Kakabeka Falls. Their bison are grass fed and ethically raised without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

The Queen’s Tarts:

Contact: Tammy Paterson & Aaron Craig

472 Queen St. E,

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 1Z8

District: Algoma



The Queen’s Tarts began as a word-of-mouth fundraising venture. Following the opening of the Mill Market in Sault Ste. Marie in 2014, where Tammy Paterson and Aaron Craig sell their butter tarts, the enterprise has evolved into a viable business. Future plans call for a stand-alone business incorporating fresh roasted coffee, blended teas, and other baked goods.

The Saucy Muskokan:

Contact: Laura Hanson

20 Dudley Drive,

Bracebridge, ON P1L 1KA

District: Muskoka



The Saucy Muskokan creates healthy sauces, using only fresh ingredients, very little salt, and no granulated sugars. Products are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free.

Thornloe Cheese:

Contact: Pam Hamel

999697 Hwy 11 No,

Thornloe ON P0J 1S0

District: Temiskaming



Thornloe Cheese has been in business for more than 70 years. Its secret to success is old-fashioned cheese-making techniques and fresh milk produced in the Temiskaming region. Today, Thornloe Cheese services a wide range of wholesale customers, from retail outlets to food service establishments. Its products can be found in establishments in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec.

The company is continuing to develop new cheeses for the expanding Canadian market to meet diverse tastes, resulting in increased production, as well as the number of products available to consumers across Canada.

Walkabout Farm:

Contact: Janice Groenheide

1801 Highway 595

District: Thunder Bay



Established in 2011, Walkabout Farm is a sheep and pork farm, located in South Gillies, ON. In 2018 production was expanded to include milking sheep and producing several types of sheep milk cheeses.

World’s Best Cream:

Contact: Bill Burley or Angela Wright

660 Falcon St

Porcupine, ON P0N 1C0

District: Cochrane



Bill Burley is the man behind World’s Best Cream. Having provided farrier services across Northern Ontario for more than 20 years, he developed a therapeutic cream for the treatment of arthritis in horses and humans, drawing on his own experience with pain. Bill focused on the power of precious metals, particularly copper, believing it held the key to pain relief.

At the Royal Winter Fair in 2017, World’s Best Cream launched a new product – Pain Terminator – and featured four new bath salts. As a result of a CTV documentary and his appearances at the Royal Winter Fair, Bill now sells his product to 1,000 stores across Canada. His product boasts a Natural Health Number assigned by Health Canada, signifying that the cream is safe and effective.