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Business Counseling and Resources


CFDCs provide technical advice, business counselling, information and referral services to small and-medium-sized enterprises. This can include help with business plan development or training needs, and sponsoring trade shows or business seminars. CFDCs also provide local access to the services of the Canada/Ontario Business Service Centre.

As a CFDC, Economic Partners Sudbury East/West Nipissing Inc., through the Business Centre, can assist you in reviewing your marketing and business plans or with all business related issues such as human and financial resources management.

We have all the information on government assistance programs and can assist you with your applications.

Finally, we can help you with the preparation of different governmental reports.

  • Technical Advice
    • If you need help in elaborating your project, Economic Partners, through the Business Centre, can obtain some information. We have a regional trade index and also community profiles with statistical data and other municipal information in terms of taxes, utilities rates, zoning, etc.
    • For economic community projects, Economic Partners, through the Business Centre, can assist you. We have information on government programs and contacts.

  • Information on Business Opportunities
    • Economic Partners, through the Business Centre, has access to information on business opportunities in the Sudbury East/West Nipissing region as well as in the province and throughout Canada.

  • Information Session
    • Economic Partners, through the Business Centre, offers, in partnership with various organizations, information sessions that pertain to the following topics:
      • Starting a Small or Medium size Business
      • Market Study
      • How to Access Financial Sources to Start a Business
      • Taxation and Small Business
      • Management - Accounting Practices
      • E-Commerce

  • Business and Counselling Resources
    • You can download these forms in PDF format



Cash Flow Template
File: Cashflow template - Formulas - 2019.xls

Business Plan Guide
File: Business Plan Guide 2019.docx

Business Start-Up Package
File: Business Start-Up 2019.docx

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